SnapVend Software, by VendNovation, LLC is a robust, intuitive, web based service that is among the most fully featured and best in class vending solutions today.

Because it was designed from the ground up, it wasn´t stuck with legacy user train­ing issues or a tradi­tional client/server model, and is completely offered for a small annual software subscrip­tion.

All the reports are full featured and provide automated alerts for mulit­ple Low Inventory Levels, Machine Health, Power Failure, Internet Connectivity and includes

  • Usage Reports

  • User History

  • Location Reports

  • Spending Limits

  • Department Reports

  • Daily Limits

  • Category Reports

  • Subcontractor Usage

  • Job Costs

  • Cost Codes

  • Automatic Outage Alerts  o Machine Self Diagnostics

  • Exportable Data to XLS or CSV for Import and Analysis

You can experi­ence SnapVend Software by click­ing on one of these tutori­als designed for General Overview, Corporate Organization (you) and Account Levels (your customers). Just select which tutor­ial you wish to see and click the play button. Or, after doing so, take your cursor to the left and select any chapter.


Summary Overview of SnapVend Software (flash)

Tool Tutorial Organization Level (flash)

Tool Tutorial — Account Level (flash)