SnapVend Virtual Machine

For use when a machine is not needed, but control and accountability are

You have a Tool Room or Crib with a sign-in note pad for employ­ees to record their “Takes”.

But sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. Losses can be substan­tial. How do you control this? Full time employee at the site? Expensive hardware and software you can’t afford?

SnapVend has the afford­able solution which can save you 30–40%, because that is what’s walking out the door. And the cost is a small fraction of other solutions avail­able.

SnapVend Virtual Machine is the simple, afford­able and easy to use answer to this challenge.



  •  Automate your exist­ing tool rooms, cribs, or stores rooms, just like a Machine
  • Control Inventory, Track Usage
  • Issue/Return tools even without an atten­dant
  • Scanners (like Barcode, Magstripe, Rfid, avail­able to match your needs)
  • Employee Enters Employee # on your regular PC or Laptop and scans barcode to identify the item needed; no added equip­ment to buy


  • Easy to Use, Comprehensive SnapVend Software
  • System is Cloud managed for ultimate security
  • Reports Exportable in Excel, CSV, PDF, XML
  • Control Access — Management can control access by user levels
  • Limits can be set for employee or product, by group or individ­u­ally
  • Purchasing and receiv­ing system — Automatically reorders supplies as your pre-selected inven­tory levels are reached
  • Log in – Employees access the SnapVend Virtual Machine by using their employee barcode badge or by enter­ing their employee number. You can even print out barcode badges.
  • Alerts — Gives inven­tory alerts, and sends email reports to any smart­phone, tablet, or computer



Select item – Users select the item(s) they want, or scan a barcode on a pick sheet along with the quantity desired.

Get item – Employee takes the chosen item(s).

Returns – The employee scans in or enters ID, presses the Returns button, a list of items to be returned by that

employee shows on the screen, and they select the items to be returned. All trans­ac­tions are recorded in real-time.

Optional: A PIN can also be used as well as prompts to track overhead data like Department Number, Job, Number, Customer Number, Department Number, etc…

Comprehensive Reports, provide you Control, Accountability and Cost Saving Features
Comprehensive Reports, provide you Control, Accountability and Cost Saving Features
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