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New Tofino Software Gives Your Customers
Just-in-Time Asset Tracking
For Real-time Inventory Control

The Tofino Software Management System is a fully featured, cloud based, storeroom management software application that solves integrated supply and other complex storeroom needs.

Distributors and their customers can now remotely manage the tens of thousands of items and consigned inventories that are used and checked out by workers at site and job locations.

  • Tofino provides Distributors with a web-based application that can be used for large jobsite asset management, tool tracking and checkout, maintenance management and e-procurement
  • Tofino Software gives jobsites the ability to cost effectively control tool and supply inventories, track assets, and manage multiple vendors.


The Tofino application is a complementary and separate package – with the SnapVend Vending System – that works well when customers want:

  • Calibration.
  • Scheduled maintenance/preventative maintenance.
  • The ability to track documents with an asset.
  • A complete enterprise-wide storeroom automation system that goes beyond the capability mix of the SnapVend Virtual Toolroom.
  • To enable punchout purchasing and mobile requisitions from the field

Tofino Gives Distributors end-to-end control and visibility of the procurement lifecycle  

The Tofino Software Management System allows Distributors and their customers to track inventory usage to specific account codes, and manage replenishment and procurement for the shop, the entire facility, and even multiple locations. Operations can also instantiate business rules and restrict maverick buying and other uncontrolled spending.

The software is a web-based application that can be accessed from any browser, on any operating system, on any PC, laptop, device, or tablet. Tofino can be easily deployed, is easy-to-use, and includes free support.

Customer Benefits

  • Manage all purchases: across millions of items and thousands of suppliers.
  • Cross enterprise, role-based reporting and ERP integration: Consumption and real-time barcode-driven product tracking.
  • Visualize information and track jobsites and projects.
  • Create flexible replenishment; including: Min/Max, Kanban, VMI and CMI. Multiple external and internal locations with usage tracking and replenishment by location
  • Utilize punchout plus onboard catalogs, with point-of-use procurement.
  • Automated PO confirmation and built-in order approval process.
  • French and Spanish language support at the user level.
  • No user fees.
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