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New Tofino Software Gives Your Customers
Just-in-Time Asset Tracking
For Real-time Inventory Control

The Tofino Software Management System is a fully featured, cloud based, store­room manage­ment software appli­ca­tion that solves integrated supply and other complex store­room needs.

Distributors and their customers can now remotely manage the tens of thousands of items and consigned inven­to­ries that are used and checked out by workers at site and job locations.

  • Tofino provides Distributors with a web-based appli­ca­tion that can be used for large jobsite asset manage­ment, tool track­ing and check­out, mainte­nance manage­ment and e‑procurement
  • Tofino Software gives jobsites the ability to cost effec­tively control tool and supply inven­to­ries, track assets, and manage multi­ple vendors.


The Tofino appli­ca­tion is a comple­men­tary and separate package – with the SnapVend Vending System – that works well when customers want:

  • Calibration.
  • Scheduled maintenance/preventative mainte­nance.
  • The ability to track documents with an asset.
  • A complete enter­prise-wide store­room automa­tion system that goes beyond the capabil­ity mix of the SnapVend Virtual Toolroom.
  • To enable punchout purchas­ing and mobile requi­si­tions from the field

Tofino Gives Distributors end-to-end control and visibility of the procurement lifecycle  

The Tofino Software Management System allows Distributors and their customers to track inven­tory usage to specific account codes, and manage replen­ish­ment and procure­ment for the shop, the entire facil­ity, and even multi­ple locations. Operations can also instan­ti­ate business rules and restrict maver­ick buying and other uncon­trolled spend­ing.

The software is a web-based appli­ca­tion that can be accessed from any browser, on any operat­ing system, on any PC, laptop, device, or tablet. Tofino can be easily deployed, is easy-to-use, and includes free support.

Customer Benefits

  • Manage all purchases: across millions of items and thousands of suppli­ers.
  • Cross enter­prise, role-based report­ing and ERP integra­tion: Consumption and real-time barcode-driven product track­ing.
  • Visualize infor­ma­tion and track jobsites and projects.
  • Create flexi­ble replen­ish­ment; includ­ing: Min/Max, Kanban, VMI and CMI. Multiple exter­nal and inter­nal locations with usage track­ing and replen­ish­ment by location
  • Utilize punchout plus onboard catalogs, with point-of-use procure­ment.
  • Automated PO confir­ma­tion and built-in order approval process.
  • French and Spanish language support at the user level.
  • No user fees.
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