About Us

SnapVend™ was created to provide indepen­dent indus­trial, safety and cutting tool distrib­u­tors with unsur­passed value in point-of-use inven­tory solutions.

SnapVend was born from a deter­mi­na­tion to find a leading edge, yet cost effec­tive solution that could be placed with customers that wanted vending systems for track­ing MRO, PPE, and Cutting Tool supplies, partic­u­larly in those situa­tions where the customer wanted their distrib­u­tor to retain owner­ship of the system and provide them for “free”. Distributors were finding that the higher price points of other systems combined with a higher level of admin­is­tra­tive and mainte­nance burden was making vending often a diffi­cult and expen­sive propo­si­tion in those customer situa­tions.

SnapVend partnered with Vendnovation™, a world class vending software and hardware technol­ogy company that already had thousands of systems in the field in the indus­trial and other channels and a team of devel­op­ers dedicated to provid­ing reliable, high value, easy to use point of use track­ing systems for the distrib­u­tor and the customer. Using cloud based software, embed­ded operat­ing systems that didn’t need hard drives and PCs mounted to the machines, standard hardware, and deep exper­tise from actually having been the platform provider for a large national distrib­u­tor (one with lots of blue machines out in the field), Vendnovation offered just what indepen­dent distrib­u­tors needed.

Customers partner­ing with SnapVend distrib­u­tors get the best of both worlds: local, respon­sive indepen­dents offer­ing excel­lent value, with a national vending solution that is robust, easy to use, and contin­u­ally improv­ing.

SnapVend has a few guiding principles:

  • SnapVend provides prompt response, service, and support
  • SnapVend provides quick turnaround and config­u­ra­tion
  • SnapVend is flexi­ble and will custom tailor solutions
  • SnapVend provides unsur­passed value and user experi­ence.
  • Our contact infor­ma­tion is below.

If you are a customer inter­ested in vending, please call us and we can refer you to a distrib­u­tor in your area. If you are an indepen­dent distrib­u­tor inter­ested in carry­ing SnapVend, please reach out to our sales team and we would be glad to work with you.